Friday, November 27, 2009

Miscellaneous Items is reporting that Sammy Sosa is being sued for $203,000 in the Dominican Republic. The suit alleges that Sosa borrowed some skin cream and never returned it. "I bought that face cream in Asia," explained the claimant, Carim Abu Nabaa, "he never returned it, then he took all these pictures while wearing it and got all the attention. I think he stole my green contact lenses too, but I can't prove it yet."

In addition to this story, has some photo galleries of a young Derek Jeter and an old, but younger than he is now, George Steinbrenner. Frankly, I wish I'd never seen this photo (no wonder Derek doesn't want to hang out with A-Rod anymore, I wouldn't want to be reminded of that either). And I find this photo interesting, because the way the Boss is looking at that bird, suggests he wants to do this to it.

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