Monday, November 16, 2009

Preaching Patience

Joba was a frustrating player to see this year. It seemed like at times he refused to throw strikes, and couldn't give us a quality start to save his season. This came after what was a pretty good year as both a starter and releiver in 2008. He went from a 2.60 ERA with 12 starts and a number of relief appearances in 2008 to a 4.75 ERA throughout 31 starts in 2009. Does he just not have it? Should he be sent back to the bullpen where he's experienced success in the past?

Let's consider player B for a moment. Player B, posted a 2.67 ERA through 12 starts in his first season pitching in the majors. The next year he frustrated fans, by having 31 starts with a 4.52 ERA. In other words, very similar numbers to Joba. This season, player B is in the Cy Young conversation with a 2.49 ERA, and 19 wins in 34 starts. This player is Felix Hernandez.

Now I'm not saying that Joba is the next Felix Hernandez, but what I am saying is that some really good prospects had their bad seasons. It took Felix Hernandez two seasons after that rough year to settle in as a pitcher and put up the numbers he did this year. Imagine if they had traded him back then? Joba's may still be too young to give up on.


Quinn said...

i agree with not letting him go. they need to take the training wheels off of him and let him pitch. lets just see what happens. also about the pervious post i think we should wait it out. keep jackson, sign crawford next year... we all know the rays cant afford him

Jon Roberts said...

I'm not sure the comparison to King Felix is a good one. He was actually a bit younger than Joba when he struggled. I also don't think it was ever the case that his "stuff" was diminished.

That said Joba is a rare talent. He seems to have lost some aggressiveness. It was that sort of bulldog, "here it is, hit it" mentality that made him so good and fun to watch.

It looked to me like he regained some of the that in the playoffs. His velocity was up and he looked more confident. It may be that going back to the bullpen let him find that again, or he could be more comfortable there. If the latter is the case he should say so and that's where he should pitch. Long live the fist pump!

Anonymous said...

Joba had his head messed with so much this year it's a wonder he could tie his shoes.


Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Little known fact, Joba cannot tie his own shoes. Posada refused to do it for him which is why they don't get along so well.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Its not an exact comparison to be sure, but the point remains that we shouldn't be too quick to give up on a prospect.