Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nothing Happened in Baseball Today

If you have been perusing your favorite sports themed websites and local papers for Baseball news, don't bother. Nothing happened in Baseball today.

"Nothing happened today," explained Yankees GM Brian Cashman. "In fact, nothing happened yesterday or the day before. To be honest, the GM meetings are just an excuse to hang out in a hotel for three days. You should see how many towels and shampoo bottles are in my luggage. It's crazy."

Even players had a slow day. "I watched Oprah," said recent World Champion and Gold Glove winner Mark Teixeira. "It was a rerun, but I was bored so I watched it anyway. I checked the mail a few times. That's pretty much it."

A lot of players you've never heard of have filed for free agency in the last couple days, but you know that already since that is literally the only Baseball story in the papers that is actual news, only it's not really news.

"We lost our sixth outfielder to free agency," explained one Reds fan. "I don't remember his name, but when I saw his picture on Sportscenter I'm pretty sure I'd seen him on the bench before, but I thought he was a ballboy."

The next couple days, and possibly weeks, promise more of the same. Nothing will happen, and most sports writers will go to old standby articles that they just change the date on every few months and resubmit to their editors.

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