Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Open Letter to AJ Burnett

Dear AJ,

I can call you AJ right? Cool. So I read some of your post-game comments this morning, and I've gotta say, calm down. You didn't let the city down, though the city appreciates your identifying with it in such a way. After all, at least some of the city residents still root for the Mets. You remember them don't you AJ? No? No big deal.

My point is you can't beat yourself up too bad. Sure, it's not the best end to your season that you could have imagined, but you saved game two and helped this team win three straight games against a tough Phillies team. Pettitte is what is known as a stopper, and he'll probably do just that on Wednesday. Besides, it's only fitting that this thing end in the Bronx anyway, and you wouldn't want to deprive the city of that would you?

Now let me just add this: wtf? Two innings? Seriously? Did you get wasted before your pitching effort? I'm betting the strike zone thinks so.

That being said, don't worry about it. It's not your fault. Well, it's sort of your fault . . . Mainly, it's mainly your fault, but we'll get past it.

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