Thursday, November 12, 2009

Considering 2010

The Yankees have won their 27th world championship, and that sweet taste of victory is one we will need repeated year after year. So now, what do the Yankees need to repeat in 2010? Here are some things to consider.

-Right now Cashman is stating that both Joba and Hughes will be going into spring training as starters. I would be shocked however, if they were both still starters by the time spring training is over. Assuming Pettitte returns for another year, the Yankees would be best served adding another starter, but the question is who? This is one of the weakest free agent crops in a while, and the pitching market is particularly famished. There are only two type A pitchers in the list and those are John Lackey and Randy Wolf. John Lackey would be a strong addition, but may be a little too costly. He had a good post season, shutting out the Red Sox for 7.1 innings in the ALDS, and putting up a 3.65 ERA against us in two starts. Would he be worth AJ Burnett type money? I don't know. A trade for a guy like Kazmir would be my vote, but what would we want to give up for him? You can't get something for nothing, unless of course Cashman pulls another Betemit for Swisher type trade. Kei Igawa for Kazmir?

-We have a vacancy in left field, and many want to bring back Damon for a couple seasons. This allows the Yankees to keep a strong bat in the lineup while developing Austin Jackson for a potential future call up. However, this idea becomes a little difficult if Damon wants more than the 2 years that should realistically be given to him. If Damon does not come back, expect the Yankees to pursue one of Jason Bay or Matt Holiday.

-We had a strong bullpen throughout the year, and the recent trend of having our minor leaguers compete for bullpen slots seems to be working. Paying a few million for a free agent releiver just isn't cost effective, considering that releif pitchers can be very inconsistant. But is there any releiver out there you may consider? Billy Wagner? Octavio Dotel? Darren Oliver? Oliver shut us down for 5 appearances in the postseason, but we broke out against him in game 5. There are some strong releivers to consider.

-Hideki Matsui. He hit .274 with 28 homeruns and 90 RBI's this year, and was the world series MVP. Do you bring him back for another season? The tricky part with Matsui is that his knees are a serious problem. Matsui played 93 games in 2008, because of his knee issues, and I can only assume those problems won't get better with age. A healthy Matsui can do some damage, but we may not find a healthy Matsui next season. Either way, the Yankees should consider bringing him back. If he goes down for the season, we lose a DH. Guys like Damon and Posada will need some time at DH as it is.

-I liked Hinske's production off the bench. We should sign him for another season. If we don't, we should keep Shelley Duncan on the bench. Occasional pop is good to have off the bench.

What else do you think the Yankees should consider for 2010?


hunter said...

do you think that whoever doesnt get the starting job between joba and phil will start the year in AAA so they can continue as a starter and be called up when the time is needed?
and something else to consider is signing a center fielder and moving melky to the LF spot, and keeping damon as a DH/4th outfielder.
i really dont think its worth the risk signing matsui again...
you could think about it like this...
lets say that matsui's contract was up at the end of last year, and they decided not to resign him, and instead, they signed giambi as a DH.
he had a terrible year this year. they made the right move not resigning him to anything... even though i know he wouldnt have had a position to play.

if they dont resign him and he has a bad year next year, cashman will look like a genius. if he does have a good year, no harm done. he will likely be done in the majors after next season, no matter who he signs with.

SA Yankee fan said...

This year's free agent crop is a little crappy. Lackey is a good pitcher but not worth 100mil and holliday has some issues playing outside of hitters parks in the AL.

I'd love the yanks to bring back Matsui, Damon and Andy on 1 year deals even if they have to overpay because 2011 is going to be an awesome year if you have money to spend on FA's.

Think about it like this, if you get through 2010 without having to commit major money for 2011, you have your choice of targets between Halliday, Lee, Mauer, Werth, Beckett, Webb, Vasquez, etc.

Holding station and not getting lacket could mean money for a significant upgrade in 2011.

As for outfield help, AJax is going to hit the scene in 2011, there are some decent FA posiblities plus the yankees will be in a position to take on salary in future salary dumps.

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to do nothing and let the market come to you. Bronny looks a few seasons into the future with these things, look at how not trading for Santana worked out.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Hunter, I don't foresee either Hughes or Joba in the minors. I think one or both may be delegated to the bullpen on the big league level.

I will admit that apart of signing Matsui to a one year deal has more to do with nostalgia and rewarding past performance. Think of Bernie Williams in his final DH year.

SA Yankee Fan, you're right about the 2011 free agent crop. Not to mention that Jeter and Mariano will be apart of that crop as well. It'll be interesting to see where Halladay ends up after this off season. That's going to be a big target this off season.