Monday, November 30, 2009

The Daily News Attempts to Start Bidding War for Halladay

Last week, the Daily News reported that the Red Sox were itching to get a deal done with Roy Halladay before the start of the Winter Meetings next Monday. Then, they reported that Halladay would accept a trade to the Yankees. Now, the Daily News is reporting that, while John Henry really wants to trade for Halladay, Theo Epstein is not in any way interested in doing so. Hard to see how the Red Sox are furiously working to get a trade done when their GM is still fighting their boss about it. That said, it seems like the Daily News is trying to single-handedly get the Yankees involved in the Halladay hunt, starting a bidding war between them and Boston, and finally giving them some actual news to write about. It's genius. Evil genius. But genius.

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