Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another Blast from the Past in Left?

The Yankees have now signed/acquired two former Yankees, pitcher Javier Vazquez and first baseman/DH Nick Johnson. With a gaping hole in left field, the Yankees may consider bringing back another oldie but goodie.

Bernie Williams is still available via free agency, and his refusal to officially retire means that he is still available. The Yanks may consider moving Paul O'Neil from the broadcast booth and slotting him into left. Chad Curtis is also available, one can only assume.

The best outside options that the Yankees would likely consider are Mark Derosa or perhaps Roberto Alejandro, who is willing to play for a one year contract at the league minimum. Roberto Alejandro's agent, Fernando Alejandro, has been in touch with Brian Cashman and expressed his client's interest.


cheshirecat said...

Bring back Bernie! I hear this Roberto character is a disruptive pressence in the club house.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

he has been known to make loud satellite video phone calls from the clubhouse, and then giving teammates degrading nicknames. But think of him as a much cheaper Milton Bradley.