Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Yankees Acquire Boone Logan, Cashman Baffled

The Yankees recently worked out a deal that sent popular outfielder Melky Cabrera and two minor league pitchers to Atlanta for starting pitcher Javier Vazquez. However, somewhere along the way, the Braves stuck the Yankees with relief pitcher Boone Logan.

"Yeah, I was just as surprised as you were." Explained Cashman at the Vazquez announcement. "I worked out this deal for Vazquez, then next thing I know I hear that we have Boone Logan. I thought Hal had worked out a deal behind my back so I threw a trash can at his Bentley as he was leaving the office."

Hal agreed with Cashman's story.

"Yeah, I had just put the Miley CD in, and I was pulling out of the garage, and there was Cashman holding a trash can. He chucked it at the side of my car and yelled: 'You want war Hal!? You want WAR!!!!??!'"

But once they had a chance to discuss what happened, Cashman realized that Atlanta had included Boone Logan in the fine print of the deal.

"Frank [Wren] was real shady with the deal." Explained Cashman referring to the Braves General Manager. "He would say things like 'ifyouwantboonelogansaywhat'. And I was like 'What?' and the next thing I know Boone Logan is on the Yankees."

So what will the Yankees do with Boone Logan?

"I'm hoping he knows how to fix dents in Bentley's. Maybe fix the scratched paint too. That's probably the first thing I'll have him do." Explained Cashman.

However you may feel about it, a major league left handed releiver's always good to have.


Clint said...

Hey Hal..was the Britney song oooon...or the Jay-Z song?

Fernando Alejandro said...

I like to think its the Jay-Z song. I hope its the Jay-Z song.