Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What Yankee Players Do With Their Post Season Shares

The post season shares were announced yesterday and a full share for the Yankees was a whopping $365,052.73. 46 full shares were awarded, and we were able to catch up with a number of players to see what their thoughts were on the extra money.

"Its a great feeling. Kind of like when you look in your bank account one day, and realize there's $48,876,938.46 instead of the paltry $48,511,885.73 that would have been there otherwise. There's no better feeling." Explained Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

"I'm probably going to spend my post season share on a new addition on my home. And by addition I mean, I'm buying my neighbors house and then connecting the two with a 8 car garage in between." Explained left fielder and free agent Johnny Damon.

"Me? I'm going to buy a dog." Explained Nick Swisher.

For $365,000 we asked?

"They're giving us $365,000!! I never knew post season shares went that high! That's more than I made all year!"

When asked what he would do with his post season share, first baseman Mark Teixeira said this:

"I'm going to buy the entire Bionic 6 collection. Not the DVDs mind you, but the actual copy rights to it. Then I'm going to wait for the movie to come out and rake in the big money."

Is there a Bionic 6 movie coming out?

"With $365,000, I'll just bribe James Cameron." Explained Mark Teixeira.

And lastly, we asked Derek Jeter what he would do with his share.

"I'll probably take a vacation with it."

Where to?

"The moon."

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