Friday, December 4, 2009

Balance of AL East Shifts to Red Sox

Coming off their 27th World Championship, it looked like the New York Yankees would be favorites to win the AL East next season, however, the Red Sox have put a road block in the Yankees hopes by signing the game changer, Marco Scutaro. Scutaro had a monster year for Toronto batting in out-of-this-world .282 with 12 homeruns and 60 RBI's. With Scutaro joining the Red Sox, Pedroia no longer has to worry about moving to short. Scutaro is a known winner, having played for such powerhouse teams as the Mets, Athletics, and Blue Jays. Now that he's with Boston, the Red Sox have secured their position as contenders.

"We've been planing this move since last spring." Explained Boston GM Theo Epstein. "We knew Scutaro would be a free agent this year, and we started saving up money. We put out tip cups at our stadium vendors that said 'Please Donate to the Sign Scutaro Foundation', we knew this opportunity was too good to let slip by. Now that we've signed him, I can feel the Yankees trembling. Derek Jeter needs to know that we've now brought the best shortstop in the game to the AL East."

When explained that Scutaro was already in the AL East last season with Toronto, Epstein lashed out.

"You tell Derek Jeter that Scutaro's with us now! You tell him and see how he reacts! We're winning the AL East this year!"

When told that Scutaro would be playing for Boston next season, Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter became thoughtful:


When told that he was the shortstop for the Blue Jays, Jeter replied:

"Alex Gonzalez?"

When told that Alex Gonzalez hasn't been the Blue Jays shortstop since 2000, Jeter replied:

"Manuel Lee?"

When told that Manuel Lee was the Blue Jays shortstop in 1992, Jeter replied:

"Good year. I got drafted."

So there you have it. Derek Jeter was drafted in '92, and the Red Sox hold the balance of power in the AL East.


Anonymous said...

Haha, you guys are funny.

cheshirecat said...

Damn! So much for my dreams of a new Yankee Dynasty.

Fernando Alejandro said...

We almost had it! The only way we can counter this signing is if we get Garret Andersen to play left field.

Rob A from BBD said...

The Sox would have been better off with Pedrioa moving over to short and signing Orlando Hudson.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Or, signing Orlando Cabrera. Both Cabrera and Scutaro are type A free agents.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

It's interesting b/c some people were feeling like Theo made such a great move getting the draft picks for Wagner, but now he's lost them by signing Scutaro. It all evened out.

Anonymous said...

learn how to take writing classes yourself, you should have used "then" not "than" imbecile. I'm drunk, but not as drunk as you if you think scutaro is gunna be god in boston. also, screw philly! laughed in a philly's fan's face tonight at a bar. I couldn't help it. almost got a fist to the jaw too. ha. hughes for a big year as a starter this year!! do it.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Lenny? From "Of Mice and Men"? Sounds like it.

Scutaro's career year puts him in the serviceable category. For a team worried about increasing its offense, its a weird move. Granted, options at short were limited, but this doesn't do much to make the red sox better.

And you're right Anonymous, I think Phil Hughes is going to have a big year as a starter this upcoming season.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Lenny, I like how you tell me to take writing classes, and then spell "tell" with 3 l's. And your statement "What an ignorant whoever wrote this post" makes no sense at all. But alas, I'm sure you weren't here to talk about writing. Its okay, I understand that its a much colder winter when your team can't win a single game in the first round of the playoffs. Its a great reminder to how low class and ignorant some Boston fans can be.

Anonymous said...

Scutaro is about the best the Sox could have done short of some crazy trade to get like Hanley Ramirez or something (or Troy Tulowitzski if Hanley is not white enough for the Red Sox - BOOM, ROASTED!). His offense is okay, and good when compared to the offense they had a shortstop this season. And at least it gives them some stability at the SS position. Overall, it's about the best the Sox could do considering the current FA market, but it's not really anything to be scared about.

But I'm like 85% they signed him only because he has a walk-off home run off of Mariano so we can hear how he's "another Mariano-killer on the Red Sox" despite the fact that he's got a whopping .182 batting average against Mo.

Fred Trigger said...

haha. I cant believe you were able to figure out he was a boston fan. I couldnt even figure out what the hell he was saying in that rambling mess. It sounded like something you would hear out of the old drunk sitting at the bar all day.

As far as the scutaro signing: meh, I'm not that impressed. He had a career year that I highly doubt he is going to replicate. But, its Fenway Park so, you never know I guess. Some hitters like it, others dont.

Fred Trigger said...


getting swept in the first round of the playoffs would make the winter much colder except....its been freaking really nice out the past few weeks. wtf! It was 65 all last week, and up until yesterday, it hadnt snowed.



Fernando Alejandro said...

I agree, it has been abnormally warm this winter. But on the Scutaro signing, is there really no love for Orlando Cabrera in Boston? He is a free agent, and he is a shortstop, no?

Anonymous, funny line about Hanley and Boston.

Fred Trigger said...

nope. And to be honest, I was actually glad when they signed Renteria, since I saw him as a huge offensive upgrade. Cabrera is basically an all glove guy, and even that has been dimished with his age.

Dont get me wrong. I love what he did in 2004. But all of that was based on the value he brought with his glove, which he doesnt have much of that left in the tank. Teams are getting smarteer nowadays by paying for what they can do now, and not what they did in the past or what their reputations may have been.

Its the same kind of sentiment that you guys are going to have to get over once Jeter can no longer play shortstop (AGE, DAMN YOU!). Sure, he was great at one time (well, he kinda still is, but you catch my drift), but at some point he will have to move off the postition and they will have to find someone new.

Fred Trigger said...


shit, maybe I need to take writing lessons.

Fernando Alejandro said...

But he still has to be a better option than Scutaro, no?

Fred Trigger said...

scutaro at least has some offense to bring to the table.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Really? I would say that Cabrera's at least a better bat. Even you acknowledged that Scutaro had a career best that he probably won't repeat.