Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Updating the Yankees Payroll

Earlier in the hot stove season we did a post outlining the Yankees payroll vs. the commitments they've made. As the Yankees are set to move for a left fielder I thought it would be a good time to revise and update the Yankees payroll. So here it is:

Coming off the Payroll

Johnny Damon: $13 million
Hideki Matsui: $13 million
Andy Pettitte: $10.5 million
Xavier Nady: $6.5 million
Chien Ming Wang: $5 million
Jose Molina: $2 million
Total: $50 million

Players Set to Get Raises

CC Sabathia: $9 million
Derek Jeter: $1 million
Robinson Cano: $3 million
Nick Swisher: $1.45 million
Damaso Marte: $0.25 million
Total: $14.7 million


Curtis Granderson: $5.5 million
Andy Pettitte: $11.75 million
Javier Vazquez: $11.5 million
Total: $28.75 million

Players Traded

Ian Kennedy: 2009 Salary - $408,925
Austin Jackson: 2009 Salary - (??? Minor League Contract)
Phil Coke: 2009 Salary - $403,300
Brian Bruney:2009 Salary - $1.25 million
Melky Cabrera: 2009 Salary - $1.4 million
Total: $3.46 million approximately

Arbitration Eligible Players Set to Get Raises

Chad Gaudin: 2009 Salary - $2 million
Sergio Mitre: 2009 Salary - $1.25 million
Boone Logan: 2009 Salary - $427,5000

2009 Payroll: $201,449,189
2010 Payroll: $192 million Approximately

Now of course there is still some wheeling and dealing left to be done this off season. Gaudin and Mitre will get raises, but its also been reported that the Yankees will look to trade one of them in spring training. The Yankees could make a solid $5 million addition and still absorb the arbitration cases and perhaps a couple minor league deals without breaking the $200 million threshold. However, the Yankees are keeping the luxury tax in mind as well. Each contract they add at this point is 40% more expensive, making a $5 million deal worth $7 million. Ouch.


Rich Mahogany said...

Your point about the luxury tax probably explains why Damon is not back with the Yankees. Signing Damon, 36 with declining defense and uninspiring offense outside of Yankee Stadium, to a luxury-taxed contract does not look appealing. The alternative is to take a chance on Gardner, who makes the league minimum and who might contribute the value of a player with 10-20 times his salary due to his speed and defense.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Gardner is surprisingly defensive. One time, I said, "hey Gardy," and he was all, "what do you mean by that?" It was very awkward.