Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brewers: The New NL Threat

The Brewers made a big splash in the secondary free agent market as they are rumored to have deals worked out with former Yankee Latroy Hawkins, starter Randy Wolf and catcher Greg Zaun. Hawkins deal is rumored to be for 2 years at $7.5 million. I always liked Hawkins, but he didn't get a fair chance in New York after he wore Roberto Clemente's number which also happened to be Paul O'Neil's number. Yankee fans, decided this was a slight against O'Neil, and booed him from there on out. Since leaving the Yankees he's had a pretty successful career, thus the 2 year $7.5 million contract from the Brewers. He does seem better suited for the NL though.

Greg Zaun was with Toronto for a long time, so we should know him, but don't feel bad if you don't. His deal is worth $2.25 million, has an option for a second year, and includes a $250,000 buyout. Its always nice when you can get paid $250,000 just to not play for a team.

Randy Wolf was the only other type A free agent starter this year besides John Lackey. That being said, its a weak free agent crop. Wolf is reportedly signing for 3 years and $29.75 million. Not a bad number in this market.

Where does this place the Brewers for 2010? I don't know, but I was kind of getting bored with the Andy Pettitte and Curtis Granderson talks. I will say this though, with Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun, they have two legitimate power threats in their lineup.

In other news, our AL East friends the Baltimore Orioles are closing in on a trade for Kevin Millwood. Baltimore's a good baseball city, but they need to put out a better product. Pittsburgh's the same way. Not that I want Baltimore to win, but just be competitive is all.

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