Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yankees Pick Up Hoffman in Draft (No Not That Hoffman)

The Yankees picked up outfielder Jamie Hoffman in the rule 5 draft. Chad Jennings has a good break down on him on the Lohud blog. He apparently kills left handed hitters, and this is just a guess, but it seems like the Yankees may be considering platooning Curtis Granderson. Through 68 at bats in the winter leagues he's hitting .184 against righties and .368 against lefties. Though its a small sample size, its apparently indicative of the kind of player he is. He's also really good at hockey, and I'm sure that can only be a good thing.


Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I believe this move was intended to fill the void left by Shelley Duncan's departure. We have now replaced our 'ringer' in any and all baseball fights.

Anonymous said...

boo I wanted Trevor Hoffman, that way we could force him to work as Mo's setup man so I wouldn't have to hear any more retarded arguments about how Trevor Hoffman is actually better than Mariano Rivera