Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Maybe Cash IS a Genius

Here are the best three breakdowns I've come across of the Granderson trade:




More importantly, Jon Heyman is reporting that the Red Sox are unwilling to part with either Clay Buchholz or top prospect Casey Kelly (wow, two girl's names, tough break kid) for Roy Halladay. Fox Sports had reported earlier today that the Jays were considering three and four team scenarios for Halladay (under the 3:25p.m. update). All this suggests that the Jays aren't getting any offers that give them what they want from any one team, which may spell an opportunity for the Yanks to swoop in, Bronny Cash ninja style, and get a trade done. Don't really understand the Sox thinking on this one, but if this is true they may have shot themselves in the foot a bit as far as getting Halladay goes. Granted, they may feel that way because they happen to know the Yanks aren't involved on Halladay, making it easy for them to effectively pull themselves out of the bidding (think Santana talks).


Rob A from BBD said...

One thing about Theo is that he sets a limit for himself and he sticks to it. That works out for him more than it backfires. Although it backfired last offseason with Teixeira. If it backfires again the Sox could be in trouble.

Quinn said...

just voted for you guys in the it is high it is far blog of the year or decade or something... and lets hope 28 brings 28 to the bx

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Thanks Quinn, we really appreciate that. I may have to go vote a few million times for us today, so I may be unavailable.