Monday, December 7, 2009

Brian Bruney Traded to Nationals

Joel Sherman from the New York Post is reporting that Brian Bruney is being traded for a player to be named later. Of course, it was reported through his twitter account. Its a smart move in that Brian Bruney was eligible for arbitration, was going to get a raise, and already made $1.25 million this last year. For a releiver, he was going to start getting expensive. Then there's the fact that he didn't pitch great after his injury.

This does make it seem like the Yankees are trying to cut payroll which is their stated goal. Player-to-be-named-later deals tend to be all about getting rid of a guy. That's why they don't bother to actually work out a trade.

Allegedly, Andy Pettitte turned down a deal in the $10 million range. I have a feeling this is going to be another drawn out negotiation. They should just guarantee him $12 million and be done with it. Unless he wants the $16 million he made two seasons ago in which case he's over projecting his value again.


cheshirecat said...

It’s nice to read about some Yankee news to get me through the work day. I hope the Andy Pettitte situation is resolved quickly. I agree that $12 million is a good number. Maybe even $13, he did great for us in the playoffs.

Remember how fat Brian Bruney was when he came over from the Diamondbacks? I think he really embraced being a Yankee and worked hard to stay here. Too bad about all his injuries. How does a player to be named later work anyway? Do the Nationals find some scrub to foist off on us, or does Cashman look at their system and pick who he wants? Or is there another negotiation at a time to be named later?

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

It is now being reported by the Daily News that no offer has been made to Andy. So Joel Sherman lied to us. He probably made up the Bruney news too.

Riddering said...

Bruney really is gone. Traded to the Nationals--just like a good Dugout joke.

As for Andy, the guy deserves better money than he received last year. Amidst Wang's injury, Hughes going to the bullpen, and Joba being too inconsistent near the end to start playoff games Andy performed very well. He's the closest to a sure thing for the Yankees needs re: pitching. I expect his starting salary will be a lot sweeter for 2010.

Fernando Alejandro said...

I think the player-to-be-named later has to be agreed upon by both parties. Like Cashman can't just ask for Strasburg, while Washington can't just give us Wil Nieves back.

I agree about Pettitte, but if he's trying to get back up to the $16 million a season range, he has to understand that those days are behind them, and were good while they lasted.