Friday, March 28, 2008

Best Quote Ever?

Check out this quote from Hank in an article from the Daily News:

"If Mickey Mantle was playing today, if (Willie) Mays, (Babe) Ruth or (Hank) Aaron were playing today, everyone would be saying they were doing drugs," Steinbrenner said. "But they didn't. In fact, a couple of them - Mantle and Ruth - lived on alcohol. They didn't train or work out, yet they were hitting 550-foot home runs. There is such thing as a natural, and Alex is a natural. It's that simple"

Now, it's hard to argue with that, but do you really have to call some Yankee legends out like that? Oh well, he's hardly selling state secrets to China, but still. No one's calling Hank out for the hard drinking he clearly does. Just look at his face (it's in the eyes).

The quote was made in the context of comments concerning the legitimacy of the new Canseco book, because what else would we talk about? Canseco was right about a lot in his first book, but I'm not sure that vindicates him. He painted himself as the godfather of steroids in baseball, sure he was going to have some dirt on some people, but he's also a big part of the reason that baseball is so f'd the f up. He's not vindicated, he's a douche (my apologies to all douches). You can't do steroids and get other players to use them and then pretend your a hero for writing about it. Further, if A-Rod had tried to bed his wife Canseco would've written about him in the first book; or at least send A-Rod an invite to a party at his house with some sort of line about his wife and Debbie Clemens comparing their latest acquisitions, and then waylayed him when he got there.

Canseco's probably just mad because after years of steroids he's probably not that much use to his wife. Now she knows how humanity feels. But whatever, taking shots at Canseco is easy (which is why I do it, I'm not that creative). The real issue is whether the long standing conflict between cats and dogs is responsible for global warming.


Lord Snapcase said...

Our boy Hank shoule be named White House spokesperson.

Roberto Alejandro said...

that would be awesome. I would watch those press conferences.

Lord de Nobbs said...

The long standing conflict between cats and dogs is not responsible for global warming.
The long standing conflict between Hillary and Obama is.

Roberto Alejandro said...

yeah but we know that conflict is intractable. we might be able to do something about cats and dogs.