Friday, March 7, 2008

Miscellaneous News Items

1. Kyle Farnsworth

Discussing Joe Torre, Kyle Farnsworth made the following statement in an article in the Lower Hudson Journal:

"It's tough when you do lose the confidence of your manager to prepare yourself day in and day out when you have no clue about anything. They decided not to use me back-to-back days. They never came up to me and asked me. I don't know where that came about."

Ummmmm, maybe all those back spasms you suffered everytime you pitched back to back days. Just maybe. Put the gun down Kyle.

2. A-Rod

According to this release on A-Rod has a sore shoulder. Now there are any number of inappropriate "sore shoulder" jokes I could make right now, but out of respect for the usually high level of discourse on our blog (here's looking at you anonymous number one) I will refrain. All I know is that after the numbers he put up last year, the Yankees need to put that blonde stripper he got caught with on the payroll.

3. The Dominican Republic

It is being reported in The New York Times that the President of the Dominican Republic's baseball league is threatening to pull out of next year's World Baseball Classic if they're not selected as a host country. There you have it folks, the president of DR baseball is six years old. I guess A-Rod will again be playing for team USA next year.


Anonymous said...

Only one blonde stripper?

Roberto Alejandro said...

as far as we know that's all he needed.

tommy said...

Ya gots to work with what you gots to work with.

Stevie Wonder