Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Elliot Johnson Baseball Camp

At the Elliot Johnson Baseball Camp you learn to play the game the right way, which is hard. If you attend you'll get to focus on the following all important skill sets:

Running over catchers in exhibition games

Charging the mound in intra-squad games

Sprinting around all the bases, even when you've hit a routine ground ball and were out at first

Beating the hell out of your wife outside Boston area hotels (Brett Myers and Julio Lugo guest instructors)

Throwing over the cut-off man's head

So if you want to learn to play the game HARD, then come to the Elliot Johnson Baseball Camp, where we play every game Hard, no matter how pointless it is.


Anonymous said...

when does it start? sign me up!

Anonymous said...

You provide WWE coupons, right?

Roberto Alejandro said...

The Elliot Johnson camp has had to suspend its WWE promotion since WWE is not HARD enough. Instead, the weekly field trip will be to an underground cage match.