Friday, March 7, 2008

Sore Shoulder Epidemic Causes Questioning of Girardi's Methods

Pete Abe is reporting on his blog that Jorge Posada also has a sore shoulder. Respect Jeter's Gangster inside man is reporting that there are grumblings around the Yankee clubhouse concerning new manager Joe Girardi's insistence on weekly "dead arm" sessions. "This doesn't make any sense. Yesterday Kyle Farnsworth gave me a dead arm, but he did it with a BB gun. I don't even see what purpose this serves," complained one Yankee veteran. Girardi, who is quite secretive, refuses to explain to anyone the purpose of this practice.


Anonymous said...

Too much running leads to dead arms?

Roberto Alejandro said...

apparently Torre knew what he was doing when he kept the team on a strict regimen of power walking only

anonymous number two said...

Don't you mean power napping?