Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Moose Hunting

In case you haven't heard, Mike Mussina had a rough outing yesterday. Its typically around this time of year when the dooms day fans come out of hibernation and start forecasting their predictions of death, plague, destruction, and a missed playoff spot for the Yankees. I've been visiting blogs for a few years now, and its like clockwork. Spring training starts, here come the dooms day prophets. Pete Abraham commented about this over on his blog, specifically refering to Mike Mussina's bad start yesterday. People have written Mussina off after his first spring training start. I for one thought Spring training was when you were supposed to get rocked. For starters, you haven't pitched competetively in months, if you were smart you were probably not throwing 100 pitches every 5 days, and besides doing some conditioning, you probably spared your arm from anything that would knock you out of competition for the first three months of the season. As a result you're pretty rusty. You'll probably start by throwing light and increase velocity from there. You'll also probably take it easy on breaking pitches. Mike Mussina's out pitch is a knucklecurve. The smart money would say, he didn't have it yesterday and quite frankly he shouldn't have it this early. In other words, wait until the season starts to begin assessing players. You won't be able to tell much from the first game of spring training.


Anonymous said...

yeah, dont forget 2005, I think, when Chris Shelton lit up spring training, and then lit up the first part of the season with 10 HR in the first month. Where did he end up at the end of the year? AAA. I think if Mussina can keep his fastball around 88-90mph he will be fine, but if it starts dipping down to 84, or so, its going to be a long year. He is savvy enough to get away without his best stuff, but when you are throwing it roughly as fast as a high school pitcher, your screwed.

-Fred Trigger

anonymous number 2 said...

Moose is mostly done. Yanks need a work horse who can eat innings and he isn't it.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Mussina will be just fine. Is he the three-guy they project him to be? No. But can he lock down the back end of that rotation? I think so.