Friday, March 28, 2008

We Got Dreams Too

Spring training is finally closing down, and this Monday we will open the season. This is an exciting time of year. Its typically around this time that the anticipation of the season gets me so pumped up that it spills out into my dreams. I dream baseball dreams. I don't know if this happens to anyone else out there, but its a cool thing. A couple years ago, I had a the coolest dream. It was right before the beginning of the 2006 season. We had just signed Johnny Damon, and the season couldn't start soon enough. Here's how the dream went:

Ichiro Suzuki was traveling along some road with a caravan of people. All of a sudden his caravan was attacked and he was kidnapped. I somehow found out that the Red Sox had done it, and they were holding him hostage in Kevin Millar's house. So I called Johnny Damon, who initially did not answer his phone. I tried Gary Sheffield, but he also did not answer his phone. I tried Damon again, and he picked up. I told him that I knew where they were holding Ichiro, and that we needed to go to Kevin Millar's house. Johnny Damon and I went walking up some dirt path to this house in the woods. We went up some stairs and entered Millar's kitchen. In the back of the kitchen there was a linen room, filled with bags of linen, and that's where they were supposedly hiding Ichiro. So we go into this linen room, and I start tearing bags of linen trying to find Ichiro, but he's no where to be found. Damon's just kind of standing there, and I'm all worried because now I look crazy having called Damon to Kevin Millar's house, and Ichiro isn't even there. All of a sudden, Kevin Millar shows up and tells us that Ichiro is there after all. Then Damon and Millar pull out two G.I. Joe action figures and start fighting their G.I. Joe's together. Damon asks Millar if he's the kind of G.I. Joe fighter that loses, and Millar says yes. So then Damon made his G.I. Joe do a triple kick, and he beat Millar's G.I. Joe. That's when the dream ended.

I know we make a lot of crap up on this blog, but I'm not making that crap up. This was my actual dream. I also dreamt later that year that I was Marco Scutaro. I don't know why, since I didn't really know who he was at that time. I think I had seen him play once.

So how about you? What's the coolest baseball dream you've had? Have you ever had a baseball dream? Let us know in the comments section!


Bucky7588 said...

I had one where I was the starting CF for the Yankees, but at the time I had an incredibly painful toothache/ sinus infection, so in my dream I couldn't play and was put on the DL, and it was like the playoffs or something, and we lost because I couldn't play.

Fernando Alejandro said...

At least you were a relevant player in your dream. I was frickin' Marco Scutaro!

Roberto Alejandro said...

I had a baseball dream recently, but it was so awkward that I don't even want to talk about it.

BklynYank said...

Dude thats just the cubano sandwich you ate to late before bed

Anonymous said...

i once had a dream that i was going to a yankees game and it wasn't at yankee stadium, it looked more like a high school or maybe college field. and then they came up and asked if anyone wanted to to play shortstop for the yankees and i got to, then jeter moved to center, but anyways jeters dad was there and he was playing shortstop, so i moved to centerfield because jeter was pitching and then melky was there. and he said that he would play first base. then it jumped to the middle of the game and they put me in at center, so i ran out there and jeter was like "im playing center too, go to second base". and so then i did and the ball went through my legs but father jeter grabbed it in time. so then at the end of the game i was outside of the fence and i wanted an autograph, but the only thing i had was a huge over-stuffed binder with brightly covered dividers, so i got them to sign a lime green one. and my dad and brother and friend were at the game too, but they didnt get to play. only, i wasn't around this time, it was last summer or something

Betty Nobbs the Exotic Dancer said...

Pity we don't have Sigmund
Freud here.