Monday, March 17, 2008

March Madness? Who Gives A #@$&%

So we're officially in the throws of the NCAA Men's basketball tournament. I for one could care less. I generally dislike college sports, if only because there are way too many teams I have no connection to. I hate how, come november, it takes forever to find out the scores of games I'm interested in on the ESPN ticker because they have about a million men's and women's college games to go through. Do I care about the score of WVA v. TOX? No. I don't even know who those teams are. Luckily, I don't have ESPN anymore, which is at best a shell of its former self, especially it's website.

In a few weeks the baseball season will begin and I can officially stop feigning interest in players whose names I hardly know now and will definitely forget in about 3 weeks. But of course, since March Madness no longer ends in March, I'll still be contending with college basketball coverage for the first couple weeks of the season. The truth is, unless you either A) have a team still in it or B) are a problem gambler there is no reason to pay attention. I know everyone loves to talk about how pure the college game is (whatever the sport), but that's garbagio. There not playing for the love of the game any more or less than an NBA player. Not to mention, NBA players are considerably more talented and interesting to watch. There's a reason they get paid what they do, and there's a reason most college players will be selling used cars after college. They're not that good, and they spent so much time practicing and missing class that they're basically only cut out to go back home and read short simple phrases in local business advertisements.

So yeah, the NCAA tournament blows. And until UMass is back in it, I won't care, and I definitely won't watch. As you can see, being without baseball has made me quite personable. At least next year we'll have the World Baseball Classic to keep me going through the spring. I love that tournament. I wonder if Bernie will play for Puerto Rico. It should be a fun tournament either way. Maybe even Sheffield will represent team USA this time around.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to the Mitchell Conspiracy, we won't see the Rocket pitching in the coming Olympics. What a shame.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Blast that George Mitchell!

I wonder if Team USA will win in the Olympics, given that they lost the world baseball classic, and they lost pretty early too.

Roberto Alejandro said...

baseball isn't an olympic sport anymore if I'm not mistaken, which I'm not.

Anonymous said...

No, you're wrong. Baseball will be eliminated from Olympics after 2008.