Saturday, March 15, 2008

No Fight, but Rays Still Kick the Crap Out of Yankees.

Despite claims to the opposite, Kennedy was not sharp. He threw about 60 pitches to get through his three innings, and he gave up two solo homeruns in the process. Now the wind was definetely in favor of the hitters, but somehow the powerhouse rotation of the Rays managed to keep Yankee hitters in the park. Kennedy did get sharper as the game progressed, but he fell behind on a lot of batters. His curveball in the first inning was awful but by the third he was throwing it for strikes. He ended up with 5 strikeouts, which is promising. Personally, I really don't care as long as he gets his pitch count up, and faces major league hitters in a game setting.

Kei Igawa furthered his off season goals to be the highest paid triple A player by throwing 3 innings with 3 earned runs, and 1 homerun. He didn't give up a walk, which is a big deal for him, but to make up for it, he allowed 5 hits. He did get sharper as his outing progressed, but still, he is not making this team.

The game ended 7-2 with the Rays bicycle kicking the crap out of the Yankees. A-Rod was sent home on one play as the relay throw had him out by like 10 feet. Instead of lowering his shoulder and plowing through the catcher, he just let him tag him since it was a pointless spring training game not worth risking injury. What a concept.

It looks like Melky will be appealing his 3 game suspension saying that he didn't punch anyone. Apparently no one really noticed the alleged punch until Rays prospect Evan Longoria's mother called manager Joe Maddon and told him that her son's been crying for a few hours about someone bullying him. Maddon viewed the video footage and saw the unthinkable. Melky Cabrera grabbed Longoria by his collar and shook him until he gave him his lunch money. "It's borderline criminal." said Maddon.


Anonymous said...

Oh well, even gangsters have to have some time off.

Anonymous said...

gotta respect melky's gangster in the school yard

Fernando Alejandro said...

Melky will appeal. Its a time honored gangster tradition to claim innocence when guilty.