Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Republicans Believe Clemens

Those who believe Republicans live in an alternative reality were given new ammunition this week when Republican members of the Government Oversight Committee released a report questioning Brian McNamee's testimony and defending some of Roger Clemens' statements before Congress. For example, when asked his name and address for the record, Clemens answered clearly and accurately; while McNamee stumbled. Further we all know drug dealers are far more likely to lie than drug users, who are rarely dishonest.

Republicans also pointed out that new information suggests that Clemens was indeed not at the party where it is alleged that Debbie Clemens and Jessica Canseco bore their breasts to one another in order to compare their respective augmentive surgeries. Why the Republicans are intent on ruining this for teenage boys everywhere is beyond me.

Is this just partisan bickering gone awry? Maybe, but we all know how important the Roger Clemens vote will be in November. Democrats beware!

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Lord de Nobbs said...

Anything could happen if you have faith in George W. Bush.