Friday, March 14, 2008

Breaking News: Melky Cabrera Also Gangster

The suspensions have been handed out and it looks like Jonny Gomes, Shelley Duncan, and Melky Cabrera will all miss time. According to Peter Abraham's blog, it looks like Melky punched Evan Longoria. I don't typically condone violence, but in the setting of baseball its kind of funny. Little Melky Cabrera punching big Rays prospect Evan Longoria is fairly humurous. In baseball, as long as no one really gets hurt, I don't see the problem with the scuffles. Usually, they consist of 50 guys running onto a field and engaging in a massive shoving match. Other times, punches get thrown, and a few people get bruised up, but they all play in the next game. I had heard rumors that someone had thrown a punch, but I would have never guessed Melky. Either way, he'll serve his suspension and hopefully put this behind him.

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