Saturday, March 8, 2008

Francisco Cervelli Breaks Forearm

I was able to watch the ninth inning of today's game on YES, so I caught the play at home that broke Francisco Cervelli's arm. It wasn't called for. I know some may call it good hard baseball, and I'm all for it when the games count for something. This was a spring training game. The teams rosters are still over 60 strong. Hitters haven't even taken 20 at bats. Starters haven't gotten past the 3rd inning of games they start. My point is, there's no real point to be running over catchers at this stage. What if the Rays had injured their own guy on that play? Or Carl Crawford earlier in the week? Would Maddon still be calling it good hard ball?

As I said, it just doesn't make sense for games that don't mean anything, but we as Yankee fans also have to take a step back and look at things from the perspective of the Rays. If you see things from the Rays perspectives you'd understand that spring training games are the only games they have a chance at winning. Like squirrels gathering acorns for the cold winter months are the Rays gathering wins in the spring so they may have something to nourish them throughout the cold long losing streaks otherwise known as the regular season.

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