Wednesday, March 5, 2008

When Will the Season Start?

The truth is, I've been waiting for the season to start since January 1. Free agent signings tend to get hot in December, the winter meetings come and go with a few headlines, and then after that its a matter of waiting. Spring training gives some satisfaction, but even then its just a stall for the real thing. I've done everything to try and make the time go by quicker. We did a player breakdown to countdown the days to spring training. We covered 27 players in that time. Then, to help pass time, we did a Know Thy Enemy segment every day to compare the Red Sox and Yankees at each position. We did 12 of those. And still, the season is not even close to starting. So here's to baseball, the only sport I follow year round, and the Yankees, the only team I let effect my emotional well being. Let's get this season started already!

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