Monday, March 24, 2008

Tony Womack's Words of Wisdom

Baseball can be a difficult sport to write a daily blog about since there come some times when there's not much going on. In these times its important to approach the game from a different perspective to try and keep things fresh. To this end, we decided to give former Yankees second baseman Tony Womack a column on our blog. Womack is very wise for his age, and he has some great pointers on baseball as well as life. Here are some nuggets of wisdom:

-If you take two strikes, swing at the next pitch no matter what. Never go down without a fight.

-If you find yourself playing for Joe Torre take him out to dinner a few times. Stay on his good side if you want to play a position other then the bench.

-Never buy your girlfriend carnations on Valentine's Day. If you do, tell her it was for a unicef fundraiser.

-Never get your girlfriend a gift on your ex-girlfriend's birthday. The thought never counts in this situation.

-If you're in a season long batting slump, get a lighter bat. If you're in a career long batting slump, become a second baseman.

-If you're a terrible hitter, get the heaviest bat you can find. That way you at least look cool while you suck.

-If you're out at second, keep running to third anyway. It may confuse the umps and give you a stand up triple.

-Don't look at the sun when tracking fly balls. It blinds you.

-If you lay down a bunt, don't do it back to the pitcher. They throw you out every time.

-Speed is a great tool in baseball, but only if you can get on base.

-Don't yell "Ha!" behind a player trying to catch a fly ball. They get really bent out of shape about it.

-If you're going to hang out with a blond stripper, don't do so at a strip club. Unless of course you yourself are a stripper.

-If you're an infielder getting played in the outfield, you probably screwed up somewhere.

-Trade rumors come and go, but if your name is involved in every one of them, your team probably doesn't want you.


Anonymouss said...

Who is this Tony Womack person???

Roberto Alejandro said...

he was a second baseman/outfielder/pinch runner/we didn't really want him on our team a few years back.

Anonymousss said...

Like we didn't really want Doug Mientkiewicz?