Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jose Canseco to Finish Trilogy of Steroid Books

Let's be honest, Canseco's first book did alot to clue people in to the rampant steroid use going on in baseball. Most people knew it was going on, but few people knew the specifics. Other books like the "Game of Shadows", also helped shed a light on the rampant use of performance enhancers in baseball. It should not have come as a big surprise that McGwire, Sosa and Bonds were using something. For starters, the single season homerun record set by Roger Maris stood for 37 years. Then it gets broken 6 times in 4 years by those 3 guys. You didn't need the Hardy Boys to figure out something was up. But the Mithcell Report is really the sequel to "Juice'd", and already did what Canseco could have hoped to do with a second book. Since any material he may have had was already used, he's pretty much gone after big name players in the hopes to cash in big with little evidence. "Vindicated" is really the third part of a baseball trilogy, only unlike Star Wars, and much like the Godfather, this third installment sucks. It has no substance, and is just an attempt to cash in on a previously established foundation. If you don't think Canseco would name names just to name names then you don't realize how selfish Canseco is.

If this article in deadspin is any indication, Canseco is broke. He's squandered away his baseball money as well as his earnings from "Juice'd". He's also trying to fund two movies, one, a story about his life, and the other, a kung fu movie where he's the star. So far, no one has an interest in either film. I don't know how credible the article is, as it mentions that Canseco gave his lawyer his five world series rings to pay for legal fees, but I don't think Canseco has 5 rings. By my count, Canseco has two, one with Oakland in '89, and unfortunately, one with the Yankees in 2000. So either the author misheard, or Canseco's lawyer is getting scammed. Either way, Canseco needs to dissapear from baseball. Cuba has a proud baseball tradition, so I'm sure they mourn the day they gave birth to Canseco. I'm just glad he's not from my island.

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The upcoming global bestseller: Jose Canseco, the Lord of the Rings.