Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Billion Years for Marky T

So the question the Yankees will need to answer in the immediate future is how many years they will offer Mark Teixeira to play first. He finished this season batting .308 with 33 homeruns and 121 RBI's and batted .358 since coming to the Angels. Mark Teixeira or Marky T as we like to call him, is a consistant 30 homerun guy with an average that typically sits just below .300, and has a career OBP of .378. He switch hits, and would begin next season at 29 years of age. So the question is, how many years do you give Marky T? His agent will want 8, but that would make him 37 at the end of his contract. 6 years would probably be more reasonable for the Yankees though Marky T may not bite at that. Either way, Cashman better get the cash ready. No matter how many years he gets, they won't come cheap.


http://janeheller.mlblogs.com said...

I say give him six years and all the money he wants. The Red Sox have targeted him too. Do we really want him in their lineup? No thanks.

Fernando Alejandro said...

The Red Sox will only get involved to drive the price up. Youkilis is still in his arbitration years and Lowell still has 2 years left on his contract with a no-trade clause. But I agree with you. pay him whatever he want for 6 years, maybe throw in a 7th year club option.

Bucky7588 said...

why not 8? I mean, ya its a long time for a lot of money, but you have to figure, 6 or 7 years from now, with the rate of salary inflation, his price wont be too much to trade. Plus, he's only going to get better for the next few years anyway. lets make sure we get him now, instead of when hes 40.

Fernando Alejandro said...

I can hear that. Especially since at first base, 37 isn't exactly over the hill, but it just seems like giving long contracts to free agents is exactly what we want to get away from. It doesn't really matter since we're jumping right back to that model head first this off season. I think they'll go for broke over Sabathia, and make a power play for Teixeira for sure.

raven said...

Somehow I never like Marky T.
I would rather use the money to sign the genius who said this as our new manager.
"But when they say things about my family or 'Go pick coffee beans back in your country,' I get mad. I say, In my country, we don't have coffee, but we got a lot of oil."
Ozzie rules!