Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Playoff Madness

Well, it looks like the Dodgers were not able to stop a late comeback from the Phillies and ended up losing the game. The Phillies walked Manny 3 times, which proved to be the right move since Russell Martin batting behind him went 0-5. I'm still pulling for Torre's boys, but that one was a heart breaker. They should have won.

In the AL, the Rays took it to the Red Sox 9-1 at Fenway. Lester struggled, while Matt Garza went on to pitch 6 innings of 1 run ball. Talk about building a solid team. The Rays traded Delmon Young and some other players to the Twins for Garza and Bartlett since they were stacked in the outfield. Now Garza's a vital part of their rotation. Today will be a big game since it will be a young team up against a knuckleball. Should be interesting.

Meanwhile, many Yankee players have been settling into their off season lives with varying degrees of success. Mariano Rivera jumped into his son's little league game and pitched a perfect 9th to secure their first championship in several years. These 11 year olds were flailing at his cutter, and two of them had their bats broken. Derek Jeter reported to Yankee stadium for the ALDS only to be dissapointed when security told him there was no ALDS in Yankee stadium. Andy Pettitte threw a bullpen session at home to get ready for his game 2 start only to remember there would be no game 2 start. Its a sad time for Yankee players. In the mean time, Kei Igawa is back in Japan walking around in his Yankee uniform, fanning himself with Yen, and asking everyone to refer to him as Mr. Steinbrenner. Its a difficult adjustment for all players.


raven said...

It seems Shane Victorino will be the NLCS MVP.

Anonymous said...

What happens if Evan Longoria and Dustin Padroia mingle with each other?
A desperate house elf.

Fernando Alejandro said...