Saturday, October 4, 2008

Would Manny Hurt or Help A-Rod

I know some of us would like to see Manny on the team next year, and after reading this article I have one concern I thought I'd raise here. Putting aside the attitude and the age (how's about a sixth DH in two years?), would Manny be helpful to A-Rod or hurtful.

Manny's relaxed approach to hitting could be beneficial to A-Rod, if A-Rod can learn from it and let one at bat carry less into another. On the other hand, if Manny is hitting, and A-Rod is not, would that just crush A-Rod, rendering him even more ineffective? What do you guys think?


TribeGirl said...

Well, I've made it no secret that I want Manny on the team, and I'm a huge fan of both of those guys. Manny could only help ARod's numbers (as if they need it) and his down on himself attitude. They're already friends (they hang out in the offseason), and they compare notes on hitting even when on rival teams. Not that I know personally, but from all accounts, ARod could benefit from Manny's "there's always next time" attitude. It sure would help when the New York fans boo him after striking out when he hit a home run earlier in the SAME game.....

Vote Manny - Yankees '09

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

you make a good case. I have to think that the Yankees are watching manny and going "this guy does nothing but hit in the postseason." He would be a great offensive pick up, no quesiton, and a great postseasn hitter. If wang is healthy and we get similar production from other pitchers on the staff this is a playoff team next year. We need hitters like that. Though Manuel makes a good point about what the mets need, situational hitters as opposed to .300 hitters.