Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Brian Cashman Faces The Tough Questions

It was time, once again, to have a conversation with our favorite GM via satellite video phone. But since Omar Minaya was busy we called Brian Cashman instead. Zing! Here is a transcript of our conversation:

RJG: Bronny Cash, how are you broski?

BC: How do you keep getting this number?

RJG: Totally bro. So now that the Rays are going to the Series and A-Rod is dating Madonna, how do you plan to improve the team going forward?

BC: All options are open, we will do everything we can to improve our team and chase number 27.

RJG: You're willing to trade Hughes and IPK?

BC: No.

RJG: You're going to sign CC, Teixeira, and Burnett?

BC: No.

RJG: You're willing to fire Girardi?

BC: No.

RJG: So is "all options are open" kind of like "mission accomplished?" I mean, what does that even mean?

BC: I don't even know anymore.

RJG: It's not all about you Bronny.

[call dropped by DirecTV satellite service provider]

1 comment:

Raven said...

Chase number 27?
The Yanks want to sign the Phillies' back up catcher Chris Coste?
Tell Bronny Cash he might as well chase Chase Utley, would you?