Thursday, October 23, 2008

Important RJG Contest

We have a big big announcement to make. Today we are announcing the international Yankees GM of the Future international contest. Please write in the comments section what you believe the starting line up of the New York Yankees will be in 2009, and the starting rotation. Whoever guesses correctly will be hired as the new GM of the New York Yankees. This is big. Bronny Cash has agreed to step aside to whoever correctly guesses both the 2009 starting line up and starting rotation. Remember to take into account not only the potential free agents, but the insane amount of money and tax breaks the Yankees have at their disposal.


raven said...

Will the winner also receive ten gallons of Chase Utley’s favorite hair gel and 6 packs of A-Rod's Signature $100 Napkins?

Fernando Alejandro said...

We'll have to look into that, but I assume the answer is no.

raven said...

I'm sure Curt Schilling's ketchup boy received much better reward.