Friday, October 3, 2008

The Post Season is Awesome!

Is anyone else following the post season? Joe Torre's Dodgers just took the second game from the Cubs. I really didn't think the Dodgers had a chance in this series, but the Cubs aren't exactly raking right now. Could Joe Torre take his new team further than he's taken the Yankees the last 3 years? Its looking good for him.

The Rays won their first game against the White Sox 6-3 with James Shields pitching. James Shields sounds like a secret agent name. The people he associates with should have names like Nick Fury, which would be an awesome name for a baseball player. Just imagine: Bases loaded, top of the ninth, 2 outs, Nick Fury coming up to bat, and oh, that ones hit hard, if its fair its out, and its fair! Homerun for Nick Fury, there he is getting high fived by James Shield. Looks like owner Tony Starks is joining the celebration on the field. But wait, what is this? Communist forces are flooding the field! Fury and Shields are mowing them down, but they're getting overwhelmed! Who will save them?! What's that? Over the horizon!? No, it can't be. It is! Derek Jeter swooping in, he's tearing up the communist forces with his mighty Derek Jeter bat. A-Rod has joined the fray, but his swings keep missing. Jeter just knocked a communist into the opposite field! The communists are retreating. Hurray! Derek Jeter has defeated communism!

Anyway, Phillies look poised to knock the Brewers out. I'm relieved, because that's less innings on his arm. The Angels need to win tonight, or actually, I don't really care who wins that series, the Rays are winning the ALCS.


Bucky7588 said...

what happened to the captain of the team, Steve Rodgers? Oh ya, Stark got him "released". And I've heard from numerous reports that Fury is stealing signs using a system of tiny cameras....

ya' i'm a comic book nerd, wanna fight about it?

raven said...

Why do the MLB bother to let the Angels take part in the playoffs?
They are going to lose to the Red Sox anyway. The Angels should be banned from the playoffs once and for all.