Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Brother's Absence

My brother is traveling to Dallas this weekend to explore new trade opportunities for RJG. During his absence I will take over all the blogging and game summaries. Of course, there are no game summaries because all the Yankees are watching from home.

All those Yankee players are free to guest blog, just contact me directly, but if you're too busy, I understand.

I'll be watching the Dodgers game tonight and rooting for Torre, so I can continue my post season goal of blaming Girardi for all our woes. I also plan to do a follow up interview with friend of the blog Brian Cashman, aka Bronny Cash, over satellite video phone.

3 comments: said...

Go Dodgers. Just because I need SOMEONE connected to the Yankees to win SOMETHING!

Roberto Alejandro said...

that's exactly how I feel

raven said...

Mr. T and his gang are going to fight for the NL Champion!!!!!!