Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How I Would Fix the Yankees

Here's my 5 step process for securing a Yankee championship in 2009.

Step 1: Sign CC Sabathia

Everyone already knows this one, but Sabathamania is just the beginning of the 2009 Yankee plans. He comes with a worn arm, so that's one thing we need to make sure to consider when adding zero's to his contract, but he immediately betters this team. He might end up missing stretches of seasons later in his career, but its the price you pay to win now.

Step 2: Trade For Francisco Liriano

I know, he just had the Tommy John not too long ago, and struggled when he came back to the Twins, but he posted a 1.23 ERA in 6 August starts. He had a couple rough games in September, but also had two 7 inning efforts where he gave up 1 and 2 runs respectively, and an 8 inning effort giving up just 2 runs. What do we trade for him? Who cares, give them whatever they want. If this fails, they should go for Grienke. He's risky, but could turn out to be a solid player.

Step 3: Sign Mark Teixeira

Give him the 20 year, $700 billion bailout plan money Boras is likely to ask for him. We could use his bat, and he has a good glove at first.

Step 4: Resign Abreu

I know we would rather watch Abreu walk and look to the next best options, but do you really want to go into the season with Matsui, Damon, and Nady as our outfield? Matsui will likely need to DH next season, and guys like Gardner may not be ready to fill in on a regular basis. Abreu's bat is still better than what's available via free agency right now, and the Yankees aren't likely to complete more than one big blockbuster trade (See step 2).

Step 5: If not Moose Then at Least Bring Back the Ice Cream.

If Moose wants to retire, fine, but Girardi needs to bring back the sweets. His all natural healthy food options led the Yankees to third place in the AL East. Losing leaves a bad enough taste in your mouth, just imagine coupling that with tofu granola bites and a glass of beet juice. Maybe the low sugar level had something to do with the lethargic nature of our offense.

Yay 2009 Yankees!


Anonymous said...

Umm... how biased is this... Im a Yankee fan but Im not sure about trading and signing all of those guys, wha it would cost, and what C>C. wants to do with his life...

TribeGirl said...

You forgot Manny! You gotta consider signing Manny just so he can piss off the RedSox fans, (and then I can have my three favorites all on one team - too bad none of them will be the Tribe!)

Steve said...

Is Sabathia going to have any arm left? Next years outfield has to be Matsui, Gardner, Nady with Damon as the dh. If they can't sign Teixeira then how about Ransom at first?

Bucky7588 said...

I know we joke about the candy thing, but to be serious you raise a good point. Candy is sugar which provides immediate (2-3 hour) energy. Who knows what it could do to help. how many fly balls might have been home runs if A-Rod had had his snickers.

Jim A. said...

Sabathia is hugely (pun intended) to the Yanks for next year. With him, they are a fierce contender, without him they will overpay for folks like AJ Burnett and Derek Lowe or get desperate and trade for Jake Peavy.

Teixeira couldn't be a more perfect fit, but not for $100M or more.

We cannot go into next year w/ an OF of Matsui, Damon and Nady. I'd re-sign Abreu.

Nothing is more important than starting pitching for this team.

jim a. said...

Meant to say "hugely important" when referring to Sabathia a moment bad. said...

I agree with tribegirl. Manny needs to sign with the Yankees just to piss off Red Sox fans. If he ends up in a shoving match with the traveling secretary, so be it!

TribeGirl said...

Thank you Jane!!! Besides, he's good friends with ARod, and ARod needs a friend (besides me, since he doesn't know we're friends) on the team to make him feel better when he gets BOOED after striking out when he JUST hit a home run the prior inning in the same game!!!

Let's see, they could play home run derby in batting practice, Manny's little boys could play with ARod's little girls when he has custody, and Manny could get him to read "The Secret" and pull him away from that pesky Kaballah that's supposedly putting him in a trance (no disrepect intended to anyone of that belief), and all could be well again in the world of ARod. Yeah, we definitely NEED to sign Manny the more I think about it, for the sake of ARod's mental health and his numbers!

Roberto Alejandro said...

it would be scary to have to face A-Rod and Manny back to back. The question is will manny get along with anyone else on the team, the media, etc.? That being said, the Yankee clubhouse culture has a way of reforming players (cf. Ponson, Sydney). It would be an interesting move. I guess the biggest issue may be where he plays. Do we want Manny patrolling left field? I'm sure he'd be a productive hitter for some time, but a productive fielder? We already have too many DHs on this team.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Anonymous, you're right. It is definitely a biased view. However, with the exception of the Liriano trade which would likely cost way too much for a guy just getting over Tommy John, all those deals are within the realm of possibility. As for CC, money talks. Always has, always will.

Tribegirl, I don't want Manny anywhere near this team. We already upset Red Sox fans enough with Damon, and to be honest (and Trig, chime in if you'd like)I really don't think Red Sox fans will care that much about Manny going to the Yankees. Then we'd just be stuck with a bigger ego-driven diva than A-Rod. No. That's my answer. No!

Steve, the only reason I'd keep Damon in the field, is that one, he's a better defender than Matsui, and two, with Matsui's knees being in the shape they're in, I seriously doubt he'll be able to play regularly in the outfield anymore. His bat is still a huge asset though.

Jim, expect Teixeira to get whatever he wants. Its a real bad market for power bats out there, and at least a few big time spenders will be in the market for a first baseman. Personally, I don't think he'll be worth the price. He's a regular 30 homerun guy with a high .280 average. Not worth the Jason Giambi contract in my opinion.

Bucky7588 said...

I predict that if Manny ever wears pinstripes, monument park will just explode with shame and horror.

TribeGirl said...

Manny gets along with everybody....he did in Cleveland and he does in LA. He never gelled in Boston from day one. Their locker room has always had internal issues anyway that go well beyond Manny. On the flip side, Cleveland has always had a very cohesive, close-knit locker room with a "team" atmosphere that Manny was a huge part of. Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors, but Manny was never a problem for the Tribe, just goofy. New York is home for him, he would do fine. His bat is ridiculous, and considering the offense we had this year, he could really heat it up. Not that it really matters, but to be fun, yes it would piss off Red Sox fans big time. They're still not over Manny. Trig doesn't count. He's not a typical Red Sox fan because he is a normal person you can have an intelligent conversation with. As for Damon, he sucks in the field just as bad as Manny and Matsui, and Manny would outproduce and be a MUCH scarier DH than ANY current DH the Yankees have now. Monument park exploding? Please....those guys weren't saints, and people never realize that, they just care about the numbers, both of which Manny and ARod do and will continue to have - first ballot hall of famers. Why not have them both on the Yankees and start winning some rings again???

Vote Manny - Yankees '09

raven said...

1.Let's pray Mr. T won't rob CC from us.
2.Let's pray the Twins' owner is mad enough to trade Liriano to us.
3.Let's pray the Angels who just can't stop losing to the Red Sox are poor enough to let go of Teixeira.
4.Let's pray Hank and Hal have the sanity to bring back Bobby.
5.Joe G would rather DIE than bring back ice cream.

Fred Trigger said...

you guys can have manny. If he couldnt stand the spotlight in boston, I highly doubt he will do much better in NY. The only reason he is on good behavior now, is because he is playing for another big contract. What the yankees need now is more pitching, not offense. I think they got unlucky hitting with runners in scoring position, and I expect that to change next season.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Tribegirl, when you put it like that I guess I can see it. I would say that if Manny is ready to tone down his antics, and act like a grownup he should be considered, but I just don't see it happening.

Raven, you might be right about Joe G and the ice cream. Maybe if Moose retires he can start a business smuggling the sweets in before games. I suspect he has the right clubhouse connections to pull it off.