Saturday, October 18, 2008

Joba Will Start

We now know that the Yankees plan to make Joba a starter next year. A clear sign the Yankee brass wants to send a message to Jorge Posada. Posada, as you will recall, stated in an interview with Michael Kay that he believed Joba should be a reliever and that his body type would not allow him to get through a full year of starting without injury. The Yankees disagree and have stated so in no uncertain terms. This is a clear smack in the face and Posada, who wants to fight Joe Girardi, and Pedro Martinez, and people generally, has suggested over satellite video phone that he will ask for a trade to the Mets. I can't confirm how true this is, on account of I just made it up, but it seems true enough.

Will Joba made all 35 starts? Will he get hurt and miss a significant part of the season, then rehab in the minors, then relieve again? What do you think?


bigjf said...

First off, Joba will not make 35 starts. Even if he is completely healthy, he will be the 5th starter and the Yanks will be cautious to keep his innings down. Still, this is a far better move, in my opinion, than going back and forth from reliever to starter. I believe it's the difference in recovery time that hurt him to begin with. Recovery time should be regarded just as important as overall workload, and the constant fluctuation for Joba would not allow his arm to stabilize and adjust.

As for Posada, if I was there for that interview, I'd have slapped him in the face myself. Posada has no clue how Joba is going to hold up, no more than he knows how his own arm is going to hold up (here's a hint Jorge, I would bet there's no way you manage to catch 120 games this season. And if you do, your arm won't be back to full strength yet and it will be a major risk for reinjury).

No more switching. He starts until he sufficiently gets the chance to prove that he can't, one way or another. This guy has the makings of an ace. He needs those innings.

michael kei said...

He'll start... and then he'll relieve himself. Wait... that doesn't sound appropriate

Fred Trigger said...

WHY THE F--- IS THE GAME NOT ON TV?!?!?! YOU WOULD THINK IT WOULD BE GOOD TO SHOW A FREAKING DECIDING GAME ON TV!!!!!!! Man, that grinds my gears, turning on tv, hoping to see the game, and instead, getting the freaking Steve Harvey show.

raven said...

Red Sox won.
The TB Rays has successfully turned themselves back into the TB Devil Rays.
There's no chance the Devil Rays can beat Jon Lester.
The $*@*^%^% Red Sox is going to the WS.
In other news, Professor Severus Snape has agreed to play the role of JD Nancy Drew.
And I'm sure Joba will start 35 games next season as long as he does not get arrested for driving under the influence again.

raven said...

Posada is a good catcher. It's possible that he had seen something wrong with Joba.
And don't forget Joba did hurt his shoulder. said...

Joba will be starting for the prison team in Lincoln, NE if he keeps this up.