Monday, October 27, 2008

Game Five Is Upon Us

Game five is upon us. If the Philadelphia Philanderers (what did you think it stood for?) win today the Yankees are set to announce tomorrow that they have reached a tentative agreement with CC Sabathia for 6 years and $175M, pending a physical. They will also announce that they have traded Sabathia, pending a physical, to the Philanderers for Cole Hamels and Ryan Howard. Charlie Manuel will also be part of the deal and he will coach third base. Since everyone knows Phil Hughes is going to be a great pitcher, the Yankees will then announce that they have traded Cole Hamels to the LA Galaxy for David Beckham (apparently A-Rod has a thing for his wife and the Yanks want to keep A-Rod happy).

This is going to be an interesting hot stove season, though I suspect the winter meetings will suck, because, you know, they're the winter meetings.

If I have to guess, our rotation next season will be (in alphabetical order):

Chien-Ming Wang
Andy Pettite
Mike Mussina
Jamie Moyer
Pedro Martinez

Joba will start the year on the DL, with a shot at making the rotation when he stops hanging out with Carl Pavano, who will be our long relief guy.


raven said...

Victoria Beckham and Madonna will be appointed the cheerleaders of the Yankees.
Fans around the world will see them dance on top of the dugout and chant "Troll" whenever Youk steps into the batting box.

leftcoastyanksfan said...

Troll, hahaha.

That rotation is scary, and not in a good way. O_O

The rain needs to go away, let the Phillies win tonight, so hot stove can get underway and the Yankees can sign Tex. :D

raven said...

Pedro Martinez?
No thanks.
I prefer my 2009 starting rotation

Chien-Ming Wang
Andy Pettite
Mike Mussina
Jamie Moyer
Greg Maddux

Two lefties beautifully slipped between three righties.

Joba will be our "Bridge to Lidge".
Jeter will remain as our SS till the end of time. If Omar Vizquel could win a Gold Glove at 38, there's no reason why Jeter can't get one at 46.

raven said...

I can't believe the Big G was not named the "Mustached American of the Year".

Roberto Alejandro said...

That is tragic news for the Big G. I like the Greg Maddux idea, this is going to be a great upcoming season.

Who will our free agent signings be? Tex is definitely a possibility, though I prefer to call him Marky T, which I think is more apropos.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Marky T it is.