Sunday, October 5, 2008

Follow Up Interview With Brian Cashman

We caught up with Brian Cashman via satellite video phone once again this past Saturday to see what he's been up to since resigning with the Yankees. Here's a transcript of our conversation:

RJG: Bronny Cash! How's it hangin?

BC: How do you keep getting this number? I changed it like six times already, not even Hank has it.

RJG: Definitely bro. So Bronny, like how come you haven't signed CC Sabbathia yet? Are the Yankees out of money or something? Did you lose it all betting against one of Torre's champion horses? Or against Torre himself?

BC: Sabbathia is still playing for the Brewers, we can't talk to him yet. Besides, we haven't even had our organizational meetings in Tampa, so we're not prepared to discuss who we are and aren't going after.

RJG: Have you been drinking?

BC: What?

RJG: It's not all about you Bronny.

[click and silence at other end]

There you have it folks. Brian Cashman answering your questions.


TribeGirl said...

Brewers are done - he can talk! Maybe they'll announce the signing during Game 4 of the World Series!!

TribeGirl said...

Damn, did I just take a swipe at my beloved ARod? No wasn't his fault - it was his douchey agent just to clarify my position!!! I heart AROD!!!!

Quinn said...

this is awesome.. im loving the bronny cash interviews

Roberto Alejandro said...

yeah, we love getting his number and then calling him up. He's always thrilled to chat with us.

TribeGirl said...

All of these postseason games have actually been pretty good - the AL and NL! Rays won earlier today and this Boston/LA game is pretty exciting. Right now it's the 9th inning and tied so no winner yet but an awesome game!

I bet Bronny Cash is home watching crying in his beer...

TribeGirl said...

Dammit, RedSox won....
RedSox versux Rays ALCS! Go RAYS!!! (Sorry Trig!)
One step closer to a Rays/Dodgers World Series!

Roberto Alejandro said...

now we'll see if the Rays utter obliviousness to everything going on around them will pay off. I think it will. You gotta be impressed with the Red Sox though, they've really transformed that team into a powerhouse.