Friday, January 11, 2008

Cameron Signs with Brewers

Looks like the Yankees were the losers in the Mike Cameron sweepstakes. What's more news worthy is the fact that the Yankees were ever in the Mike Cameron sweepstakes. I guess it makes sense given that the Yankees recent approach has been to enforce positions we didn't even know needed strengthening. Jason Lane of course filled our need for depth in the right handed first baseman department. Jonathan Albaladejo, and Latroy Hawkins were added to the list of Kei Igawa, Brian Bruney, Chris Britton, Sean Henn, Scott Patterson, Jose Veras, and Edwar Ramirez, to of course fill the need of 5th inning relievers.

I was a little upset that we didn't do more in the bullpen this off season, but relievers are a funny bunch. One year they're great, the next year they're Kyle Farnsworth. Then you sign that Kyle Farnsworth to a three year deal and then realize "Crap, I got Kyle Farnsworth for three years." Good news on that end however, 2008 is the end of the Kyle Farnsworth deal.

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