Friday, January 25, 2008

Lo Duca Injures his Knee

Looks like Nationals catcher Paul Lo Duca has suffered a knee injury. With this recent development, the Nationals are the projected favorites to end next season in last place. In comparison, their projections prior to the injury had the Nationals all the way in last place.

Some may remember Paul Lo Duca as the Mets catcher. You may also remember him from page 256 of the Mitchell report. It looks like Lo Duca used some PED's. Lets see if you can figure out when he started using:

1998: .286/0/1/0 - 14 AB
1999: .232/3/11/1 - 95 AB
2000: .246/2/8/0 - 65 AB
2001: .320/25/90/2 - 460 AB
2002: .281/10/64/3 - 580 AB
2003: .273/7/52/0 - 568 AB
2004: .286/13/80/4 - 535 AB

If you guessed 2004, you are correct, at least according to the Mitchell report. In 2003 there were notes by Dodgers officials stating that he was off steroids, implying that he was on steroids before the 2003 season. The hard evidence comes in checks written to Radomski in the amount of $3,200.00 during the 2004 season. I for one was shocked, because Radomski was charging us $4,200.00 in '04 for PED's. I hope he goes to jail for that alone.

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