Friday, January 11, 2008

Pavano Watch: Injury Update

Recent reports have indicated that Yankees ace Carl Pavano will not be ready for opening day this season. Last season's opening day starter is recovering from Tommy John surgery he suffered after a year and a half of not throwing a ball. The surgery adds to a saga of injuries suffered by the dominant righty, which include a bruised buttocks, cracked ribs (suffered in a Porsche accident), and a forearm strain suffered in his fervor to sign the lease on the Porsche he purchased to replace the one he crashed.

Most fans hold out hope that he will be ready by mid-season. Whether the iron man is ready for the all star break or not, concerned fans can rest assured that he is holding onto his roster spot for when he is ready to pitch.

Fans can also rest assured that Pavano is working out hard this off season for his come back. He has made T-shirts which read "Pavano Tough All Day", and has been blarring the soundtrack to the Blair Witch Project to keep himself pumped. The "Respect Jeter's Gangster" blog will keep you all updated as soon as more news becomes available.

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Mike Rook said...

you guys are so funny. I gave you props as site of the day on my blog. keep it up