Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pete Rose Ain't the Only One Who Can Bet on Baseball

Every year I make a series of baseball related bets. I typically bet on things that probably won't happen, but if they do I look like a baseball prophet. Some of the things I've bet on in the past: Kei Igawa pitching a no-hitter, Damon hitting 30 homeruns, and Carl Pavano becoming a useful member of the rotation. As you can imagine, I've lost many bets.

In 2008 however, I am much more optimistic that my impulsive bet making will work out. Here are the baseball bets I've made so far:

Bet 1: A rotation of Carl Pavano, Mike Hampton, Mark Prior, Matt Clement, and Mark Mulder will throw no less than 500 innings and no more than 600 innings. (The opposite bet is that they will throw between 600-700 innings).

Bet 2: The Yankees will win a world series championship with Alex Rodriguez. (My friend beleives Alex is a curse to the Yankees and they won't win with him on the team. Need to wait until 2018 for this one.)

Bet 3: The Rays will win a world series championship in the next ten years. (Again, need to wait until 2018 for this one).

Bet 4: Damon hits 30 homeruns.

So what are some of the stupid baseball bets you all have made? Or, if you've never made a stupid bet, what are your thoughts on these bets? Sound off in the comments section, don't be shy! Its no fun to blog if there's no back and forth!


Mike Rook said...

Ok here are my bets
1. Within the next 5 years Ichiro will pitch in a MLB game

2.Giambi will have a breakout season and hit 40 HR only to find out at the end of the year he has been abusing inhalants.

3.A-rod will yell Hey as a Rookie third baseman lets the ball drop on his head.

4.Jeter will go o for 4 because his supermodel girlfriend is in the stands.

5. Giradi will get in a fight with an ump and throw a base into center field. (oh wait someones already done that one; )

6.Jose Canpsycho will sign a minor league deal with the Albany River Rats and then need surgery because of a saggy manboob.

7.The Yankeemuse blog gets an award for best blog in america for the year 2023.

8.The Bills lose a sixth superbowl

9.Damon hits 40 HR

10. The Yankees win the world series in 2008.

1 for 10 isn't to bad :)

Nate said...

I don't think the (Devil) Rays bet is so stupid. I could see that happening in the next five years, actually.

I made a bet with my Met fan friend that the Yankees finish this year with a better record than the Tigers, which I also don't think is stupid.

Mike Rook said...

OK those aren't stupid. The problem with the devilless Rays (they took the devil out) is not talent. Its pitching whenever it gets good they get rid of it because their cheap ass owner doesn't want to pony up the dough to put together a competitive rotation. The Tigers should be real good this year but I still think the Yankees will have a better record as well. Cabrera will be great but the D-train will have a tough time adjusting to American league pitchers.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Appreciate the posts!

The Rays are an interesting team. I agree that pitching is the main issue, but with Kazmir and now Garza they're certainly taking the right steps. Expect them to win more this next season just because their bullpen is much better. Troy Percival was a huge pick up for them.

Next season a friend and I are going to Tampa to watch the Rays take on the Royals. I suspect we'll get good tickets.