Friday, January 25, 2008


This post is to commemorate our 1000's view on the blog. We owe all our success to the fans, and partly to Jeter's gangster. Here are some of the posts that made us a glaring success:

PEDP+, It Works!
To help gain support from the stat heads, we decided to develop a new baseball related statistic to keep the numbers flying. The best part is that it comes with Barry Bonds seal of approval, so you know its good.

Pavano Tough All Day
We decided that to get our viewership up we needed to post an update on a Yankee favorite. So we sent our investigative reporting team down to Florida to find out what Yankees ace Carl Pavano was up to.

Proof of Jeter's Gangster
Our mission is to show that Jeter's gangster is respect worthy. To this end, we posted some hard evidence of Jeter's gangster that is impossible to ignore.

Roberto Alejandro's Rant of the Week
Our very own Roberto Alejandro goes off on one of his diatribes.

Deron Peter Shows his Colors
Deron Peter reviews Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. We always suspected Deron of being a little jealous of Derek since he beat him out for the shortstop position back in 1995, but I think this post proves it.

Once again, thanks to everyone whose checked us out over the last couple weeks, and to all the bloggers out there that linked to our page. Special thanks to Derek Jeter for having a gangster worthy of a blog. Thank you all!

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