Tuesday, January 15, 2008

If Only There Were Real Problems In The World

Since the United States is not currently involved in two wars, facing a health care crisis or a possible economic recession, Congress has turned its attention to the only thing left to do: ask the Justice Dept to investigate Miguel Tejada.

Apparently Tejada may have lied to investigators in 2005 probing possible perjury by Rafael Palmeiro. And you know once the Justice Department starts investigating you're in trouble. All I know is, Tejada better not have slept with a white house intern, or he's toast!

Seriously, isn't there a country that Congress should be governing right now? They couldn't regulate the home mortgage industry during the subprime era but they need to police steroids in baseball? Lord knows how many foreclosures were caused by Roger Clemens' steroid use! Besides, every time a baseball player lies about steroids, a baby seal dies.

So yes, these hearings are a waste of time. You almost get the sense that these congressman didn't feel like reading the 400+ page Mitchell Report so they just scheduled a hearing so that Mitchell could just come in and explain it to them.

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