Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Matsui's Knee?

River Ave. Blues cited a report from Japan stating that Hideki Matsui was coming to the states early because he was still having trouble with his knees. You can read the translated version on that site. Much props to the people at River Ave. Blues for getting a readable translation. They originally tried to use an online translator to get the text, but got some funny results. I decided to do the same thing and see what I ended up with. So from the report as translated by dictionary.com:

You do not know” whether from first day it is possible by all power, that expressing insecurity. The [jiyoni] demon outfielder (34) and others with also intensification of the home position dispute is inevitable."

"something doing, and others there is no [re]! Matsui"

"The Matsui 秀 happy outfielder"

"First in New York in performance of an operation medicine, after that, with the tamper it has verifying state in the trainer of club"

And to conclude: "Season of game, Godzilla boards to the United States with position of the backwater."

Well thank goodness Matsui still has position of that backwater. In case you missed all of that it appears the happy demon outfielder, Hideki Matsui, expressed insecurity and tampered the state after a dispute was inevitable. In short, somethings doing and there is no Matsui.

Another interesting piece of translation was already mentioned by River Ave. Blues, though my translation was slightly different. According to the article: "The fire ignited to the Godzilla rear end."

Well crap. Thats reason enough to keep him out half the season. Our prayers go out to him and his family.

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