Tuesday, January 29, 2008

RIP Go To Slow News Day Headline

With Santana traded to the Mets intrepid sports reporters everywhere will have to look for a different old story to rehash whenever they've no baseball news to report. For most of January we kept hearing how the Red Sox were the front runner to land Santana, which was true, in the beginning of December. One week the Yanks were in, the next week they weren't. The truth is neither the Yanks or Sox were really in it post winter meetings, but reporters needed a story that fans would read but that wouldn't require them doing any actual work. Now with Santana traded to the Mets, the Twins GM looking like he just blew a royal flush, and the Red Sox and Yankees both set with young pitching talent for years to come, beat writers and columnists everywhere will have to actually do some work to come up with a baseball story. I guess that is the happy ending to the Santana trade saga of 2007-2008 off-season.

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