Monday, January 14, 2008

Random Thoughts is reporting that the Yankees have taken their offer for Santana off the table . . . again. I guess it's a slow news day over at the MLB division of ESPN. Here are some ideas that don't involve recycled headlines from stories no one is paying attention to anymore:

You could always write one more article on the Mitchell Report. Original angles include effects on the Yankees, whether Selig is to blame for the steroids era, or whether Mark McGwire should be kept out of the hall as a result of the steroids allegations.

Is it too early for a Spring Training preview? I guess another story about Brian McNamee is more pertinent. Hell, the New York Times has a whole article about the lawyers negotiating the depositions of McNamee and Clemens before lawyers of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. I'm sure this article is quite interesting . . . if you've nothing to live for. I'm glad a committee on government reform is tackling the steroids issue though. Lord knows there's nothing about the government itself they could be working on. Does anybody else find it at all ironic that the word "oversight" appears alongside "government reform" in the committee title?

You could also do what the Daily News did and publish a column detailing why there's nothing to talk about. At least they aren't reporting old news. Hey, did you hear the Yankees new manager is Joe Girardi? Crazy!

Or you could recycle more headlines. I'm sure there have been about a thousand "Red Sox still front runners in Santana Sweepstakes" breaking news articles this January. Oh well, I'm sure those intrepid reporters out there will think of something.

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