Thursday, January 10, 2008

Respect Jeter's Gangster

This is a new site by new bloggers. We are avid Yankee fans, navy blue blooded ones who have spent a good portion of our lives in Red Sox territory. This is our attempt to keep sanity while being surrounded by the flood of Schilling and Ortiz jersey's we see day to day. So allow me to answer some questions for anyone visiting this site:

What's different about this blog?

We will keep it updated with posts by different columnists, a regular Pavano injury update, psychological evaluations which center on Abreu's fear of diving for balls, reasons for why Jeter is so gangster, and hopefully pictures.

Why is it worth checking out?

Here at the "Respect Jeter's Gangster" blog we understand and value our readers need to break the mundane day at work with a constant string of posts which may or may not amount to anything interesting. We are here to provide that necessary distraction.

So why is Jeter so Gangster?

Excellent question! Here is a top ten list of reason's why Jeter is so gangster:

10: Jeter's two homes: New York and Florida.
9: He dates movie stars and super models... at the same time.
8: During the 2005 season he was asked how he received a thumb injury he had been playing through. His answer in short was "I forget". How does someone forget an injury? Because its too trivial for a gangster.
7: Jeter could hit 40 homeruns every season, but he knows that chicks really dig his opposite field swing.
6: He works for someone nick named "The Boss".
5: Manny Ramirez once referred to himself as a gangster, but everyone knows that Manny respects Jeter's gangster.
4: He wears pinstripes to work. You know who else wear pinstripes to work? Gangsters.
3: Jeter has mastered the art of answering stupid questions without sounding completely annoyed. The art of hiding feelings is one mastered by gangsters internationally.
2: Jeter never trained with Brian McNamee and never used flax seed oil.
1: Even Red Sox fans respect Jeter's gangster.

What to expect?

Stay tuned! We are just getting this baby started. Check back and please leave your comments! Its no fun to write if no one reads. So check us out and tell a friend, girlfriend, local representative, Derek Jeter, and anyone else to come along!


Charlie said...

Great Site

Keep It Up


The Chuck Knoblog

Mike Rook said...

Ok the Gangster angle is very clever. I'm hooked I'll add you to my bog roll feel free to do the same if you would like for my Yankees blog. Well anyhow , welcome to the neighborhood gangster.:)

NYPDYANK said...

Great blog keep it rolling. I'm a hardcore Yankee fan living behind enemy lines here in NH.I will say these sox fans make wearing a Yankee hat up here more fun than when I wore it growing up in Brooklyn